DocuSign Transaction

Documents Needed For a DocuSign Transaction

A Dictation or DocuSign Transaction Room is where you would need to sign a sales contract or purchase order on your computer. This is very much like the “order take-out” counters that you may find in groceries or other retail stores. They are used for making a purchase or signing a contract. However, with the use of a computer and the internet, one can easily get a high-quality signature that is typed in rather than spoken. The signature can be any text that one types into the “clipboard,” which can be any length, but most commonly one line or two lines of typed text will suffice.

One will have to fill in all the required fields as they are asked for when completing the forms. The first thing that one has to do is to indicate whether they are a buyer or a seller. For instance, if someone were to place in a product description, the name of the product, the manufacturer, and the address would be appropriate. The person completing the form will also have to enter in the date of sale or purchase and the dollar amount being offered for the document. Other things that will need to be entered include the individual’s personal information, the name of the company being sold to, and the sales contract/broker agreement that has been agreed upon between the seller and the document signer.

There are many options available to anyone who needs to use a docuSign for these kinds of transactions. One option is to use the software on one’s own computer. One will simply download and install the required software onto one’s computer. Then the buyer and seller will both need to install docuSign onto their computer. After the installation process is complete, then a click of the mouse should send the software across the world to both parties. It will immediately begin the process of converting the documents into PDF format, and then it should send them back to the seller or buyer.

A typical docuSign transaction room will look something like this. (Click the image to see a larger view.) The top of the “Transaction Room” area will show a drop down menu for which documents are being offered. Once those documents are selected, then the “Add Document” button will be selected, which will take the user to a page where they can select a document to add.

Once the document is chosen, a Save button will be displayed. The user will be asked to confirm what the name of the document is and the folder location where the document will be saved. docuSign will automatically save the document and then it will close. One can easily keep track of which documents have been saved, which have not and which ones are still on the “to do” list.

This entire process takes just a few minutes to complete. No credit cards or payment information is required to complete the process. You can view all the documents that are available in the sale approval section of the software.